• Remote Machine Monitoring

    Remote Machine Monitoring
  • Shop Floor 4.0

    Remote Cloud-based Management of Shop floor
  • Connected Point of Sale

    • Embedded Device collecting.
    • Sales transactions & push
    • Notifications via web server.
  • Vehicle Tracking System(VTS)

    Our vehicle tracking devices have set a breakthrough approach in the world of GPS tracking.
  • Embedded Design and Development

    Customized sensors,Customized Gateways,Hardware,Firmware.
  • Business Ops Management Suite for manufacturing Industry

    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Delivery and Logistics Management
    • Materials Management
  • Manufacturing Ops Management Suite

    • Material Traceability
    • Roll Shop Management
    • Asset Management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Yard Management

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  • Industry 4.0
  • Posted October 16,2020

3 ways to kickstart your Industry 4.0 journey

In today’s digital era, to win over the customers, enterprises are turning more customer centric through product personalization. Industry 4.0 has transformed many enterprises to achieve customer centricity while balancing the cost structure.Digital Transformation is the number one priority for CEOs of most of the manufacturing firms worldwide. The starting point of this journey is to turn your physical assets into digital assets and then use the data to take informed decisions about your product strategy, customers to create a lasting business impact.Pratomate, a boutique IoT consultancy, has developed IoT solutions for niche industry segments. These solutions have transformed traditional industrial products into smart digital assets relaying meaningful information about the usage and the product itself.Pratomate recommends three ways with which you can kickstart you Industry 4.0 journey

Remote Monitoring of physical assets

Manufacturers of power gensets, cooling systems and heavy machinery must deal with breakdown of the equipment. This breakdown results in expensive and time-consuming service calls and on-site visits.Pratomate’s IoT solution, comprising of hardware and software built on the IoT technology, is fitted on the machine. It gives a real time information on the machine parameters like fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, etc. providing problem element traceability.Alerts feature helps the customers take immediate action before the failure occurs hence saving time and money.

Customers using Pratomate’s IoT powered remote machine monitoring solution reported that they have reduced their onsite maintenance visits and cost by up to 20% and that warranty cost is also reduced byup to39%.

Energy Monitoring of assets

Sustainable production is the new age mantra and it means optimum utilization of energy in the production process. Most of theworldwide organizations, report their annual energy consumption and set targets for the optimum energy utilization.Pratomate’s IoT powered Energy Monitoring solution helps you achieve energy saving targets throughenergy usage optimization and preventing wastage. With real time data capture and analytics on energy consumption, Pratomate has helped steel manufacturers and heavy construction equipment manufacturers in achieving their energy saving targets.

Predictive maintenance for shopfloor

Is equipment downtime affecting your production and delay in orders your major concern? If yes, IoT powered predictive maintenance is a right fit for you. Predictive maintenance is used to accurately predict the failure point of a machine component that may occur in the future, so that equipment downtime is minimized, and the component lifetime is maximized. This technique involves monitoring and measuring various parameters that show a predictable connection with the asset life cycle. Examples being bearings vibration, temperature of the electrical connections, insulation resistance of the motor coil, etc.

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