Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow (SNOW) platform offers:

  • Cloud based platform as a service (PAAS) solution
  • Low code solution
  • Quick RoI - ready to deploy workflow templates reduce implementation time
  • Improve RoI and Introduce automated self service channels
  • Standardize/ Consumerize Service delivery using a single/ universal platform
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Improve employee experience and engagement
  • Flexible and scalable solutions

  • ITSM - Introduce your business and IT operations to efficiency

    • Technology is your business’ central nervous system
    • Empower and enable your Technology services team to operate efficiently
    • Fuel rapid growth and scalability without increasing TCO
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  • HRSD – Digitally transform your HR services with a thrilling experience for employees

    • Employees are the heart of your organization - your best ambassadors
    • Increase employee satisfaction across organization – efficiency and agility are the bonus byproducts
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  • GRC – handle governance, risk and compliance matters digitally with confidence

    • Supports risk workflows to implement chosen risk management models and principles
    • Achieve real time visibility in GRC – facilitates real time risk data aggregation, prioritization and decision making
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  • Security operations – identify, prioritize and respond to threats centrally

    • Single view for CISO’s, SOC’s to strengthen organisation’s Information and technology security
    • Develop cyber resilience and manage threat exposure dynamically
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  • Connected ops – digital transformation in true sense

    • Connect IoT data with digital workflows to derive business intelligence
    • Identify and implement automation solutions to achieve operational efficiency
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